Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Long Break...

It has been a long break between posts. My excuse is that I was waiting for laboratory results to get a bit more information on what was changing in the soil during the corn crop (particularly changes in Phosphorus and pH). Then I had to travel to South America, USA and Europe to run some workshops and I am now in Africa. So I've been out of the garden for over three months.

Nevertheless there is much to report.

1) If you want to get a full summary of the first sweetcorn crop you can download
"Science and the irrigator: a learning manifesto" from the link below

2) 25 days after sowing the sweetcorn crop, I planted a second plot of corn and irrigated with water of exactly the same salinity as the washing machine waste water. But this time I made the water 'salty' using common table salt instead of washing powder. I will post the whole of season results next.

3) Then I'll show how the soil pH and Phosphorus levels change when using salty water and washing machine water.

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